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My project: The piece I entered into this exhibition is a simple slab-style bench – an open, free-form shape for casual sitting. It uses 2 live edge slabs from the “oneTree” for the top, end-joined with a long, reinforced scarf-miter joint. The legs are short slab gable ends, dovetailed into the top slabs. The natural curve of the individual pieces lends interest and “movement”, creating a zig-zag look to the bench. I call it the “Offset Bench”.

the concept sketch – “Offset Bench”


delivery day – raw slabs


my oneTree slabs – beginnings of a bench lay-out


first cuts on bench top with track saw


the shape emerges


flattening the slab


edge-jointing the scarf joint


routing mortises in top – scarf joint


cutting dovetails


final trimming on dovetails


marking out the mating “pins”


cutting the mating pins


chopping-out waste – mallet & chisel


“dry-fit” test of joint


applying glue to dovetail joint (epoxy)


the “clamp-up” – one half of the bench


sanding the end of one half of the bench


tenons of scarf joint – ready for assembly


dry-fit of scarf joint


final assembly -“clamp-up”


smooth planing and scraping


trimming off the sharp edges


final sanding before finishing


sneak preview – 1st coat of oil finish – color explodes!


-to see finished project photos, check out the “Paul T. Furniture” page

The “Offset Bench” is now on display and for sale at “Plank & Coil” in Portland, Oregon

~please enquire if interested~