About Paul T.

Paul Tellier Fine Woodwork is a one-man manufacturing company that produces high-grade custom furniture, cabinetry, woodwork, and studio pieces – unique designs that are hand-built one by one using premium materials, proven joinery, and pure Canadian craftsmanship. A “small shop” approach is used, combining machinery with hand-work, and modern technique with traditional woodworking practices… all to achieve that ‘one-of-a-kind’ look. Designs can be provided by designers or clients, from photos or sketches, or from the collective ideas between client and maker.

Paul's Story


Paul Tellier was born in Mississauga Ontario, and grew up in London (Ont.) and Ottawa. He is a career woodworker with over 38 years of experience. It all started in Ottawa, where he survived a 4 year formal apprenticeship with a wily, often difficult (!) Yugoslavian master cabinetmaker. He achieved double Ontario certification – in both cabinetmaking (1982), and industrial woodworking (1983). This led to employment for many years in the custom furniture and cabinet trades.

A move to the west coast (North Vancouver) happened in 1995 and after working in a local shop for 3 more years, he ventured into his own business, and has operated a small studio workshop since 1998. His business, “Paul Tellier Fine Woodwork” is currently set up in a warehouse, located in the central waterfront area of North Vancouver (Harbourside). Most of his time is spent building custom furniture of all kinds, for an ever expanding list of private clients in the Vancouver / lower mainland area, and beyond.

The Shop


My workshop is a small space that needs to function according to the requirements of the job at hand, so some of my machinery is mobile, making it possible to open the space for assembly or finishing. Every nook and cranny gets used and wall or floor space is at a premium. I dream of a larger shop… but I’d probably fill that with more piles of wood, so I make it work.

In between custom work and commissions, I will spend some time building “spec” pieces which become part of my collection called “Paul T. Furniture”. These pieces will be displayed at my shop, but due to the restricted space available (small front office), I cannot have too many available. They can be purchased directly from my shop / studio, as I no longer have galleries selling my product.