Custom Cabinetry & Woodwork

Custom Bookcase / Wall Unit

~116″wide x 82″high x various depths
~rift-sawn white oak – solid & veneer
~unique “diamond block” design
~Murphy bed (queen) in center section
~touch latch opening on doors
~natural,clear finish with Osmo Polyx Oil

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Wall Mount Cabinets

~lower: 27 1/2″wide x 38″tall x 13″deep
~upper: 27 1/2″wide x 34″tall x 8″deep
~black walnut with white maple inlay design
~serves as an overflow pantry storage for kitchen
~integrated hand-made walnut pulls
~finished with clear, satin Osmo Polyx Oil

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Built-in Hallway Unit

~ash (solid & veneer), door pulls in walnut
~built into existing alcove in hallway
~features multiple storage & display areas
~gray stain with clear satin polyurethane topcoat

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Custom Library/Entertainment Unit

~vertical-grain douglas fir / walnut pulls
~features garage flipper door for T.V. / hidden storage
~cargo racks inside doors
~natural, clear polyurethane finish

Custom Home Office Unit

~vertical-grain and flat-sawn douglas fir
~all “built-in” – custom fitted and scribed to walls
~stained to match existing colours
~clear-coated with satin polyurethane

Floating Vanity Cabinet

~black walnut, maple plywood & ApplePly (drawers)
~drawers are cut to fit around sink drain/plumbing
~full extension, soft-close slides
~solid 3″thick top
~hangs on “French cleat” system
~natural, clear polyurethane finish

Custom Bookcase Cabinet

~black cherry – solid and veneer / walnut pulls
~12″deep x 62″long x 72″high
~2 main sections bolted together at site (for easy moving)
~featuring random door compartments /drawer
~adjustable shelving
~natural, clear polyurethane finish

Armoire/Wardrobe Cabinet

~black walnut – solid and veneer
~huge-size armoire, 65″wide x 82″high x 22″deep
~features aromatic cedar lining inside the door compartments
~custom-made integrated walnut handles (click photo for closer view)
~part of complete custom bedroom suite
~natural, clear polyurethane finish

Island Bar Top & Cabinet

~western maple live edge slab, western maple, douglas fir
~built as an “add-on” to existing island cabinet
~re-furbished leaded glass doors used for storage cabinet
~clear, natural polyurethane finish

Custom Shelf Structure

~ douglas fir beam, Oregon myrtlewood shelves
~cedar branch pegs
~built to take advantage of vaulted ceiling in bathroom
~clear, natural polyurethane finish

Custom Library / Wall Unit

~black walnut, eastern white maple
~features built-in corner desk and
numerous unique “cubby” door sections for storage
~adjustable shelving to house CD & book collections
~17 feet long x 92″high
~natural clear finish – both  lacquer & polyurethane

Built-In “floating” Shelves & Sideboard

(sideboard featured in “Custom Furniture” section)

~walnut – solid & veneer
~12″deep x 72″long (shelves)
~ends fitted with side slats
~ultra-clear, low sheen water-base polyurethane finish

Custom Bookcases / Desk

~cherry, with walnut pulls
~features lower “base” drawers & book-match door panels
~natural, clear polyurethane finish

Mudroom entrance – Cabinetry, benches & woodwork

~vertical-grain douglas fir (red cedar door pulls)
~features hanging rods in cabinets / shoe storage below bench and basket shelves above
~deep duffel bag storage (hockey gear) below back bench
~clear, natural lacquer finish

Custom Library Unit

~black walnut, solid & veneer
~painted maple plywood insert boxes
~custom “quadrant” veneered doors
~natural, clear polyurethane finish

Custom Wall Unit

~black cherry, live edge west. maple (mantel)
~clear lacquer finish

Library Unit

~black cherry, solid & veneer
~clear lacquer finish

The Coat Tree

~used in children’s art school
~live edge western maple slab, alder branches
~scrub-planed surface
~natural branch “hooks”
~clear oil & polyurethane finish

Custom Cabinetry

~douglas fir, red cedar
~motorized remote T.V. lift (drops into cabinet)
~native carvings by Larry Rosso