Custom Furniture

Custom Curio Cabinet

~ 41″wide x 15″deep x 35″high
~ black cherry, walnut pulls, glass
~ “Arts & Crafts” style influence
~ concealed hinges
~ natural, clear Osmo Polyx Oil finish

Custom Buffet Cabinet

~48″wide x 20″deep x 48″high
~solid walnut and curly walnut (veneer)
~doors with book-matched curly veneer
~curve-taper legs
~doors open using touch latches
~finished with clear, satin Osmo Polyx Oil

Custom Hall Table

~16″wide x 48″long x 30″high
~solid cherry, with maple drawers
~custom walnut pulls
~angled & tapered legs
~natural,clear finish with Osmo Polyx Oil

Entrance Cabinet

~44″long x 14″deep x 32″high
~honduras mahogany (from an old stash!)
~lower level has bi-fold doors and is for shoe storage
~upper drawers provide storage for hats, gloves, scarves etc.
~doors feature wood-grid panels for ventilation
~hand-made walnut pulls
~natural, clear polyurethane and Osmo Polyx Oil finish

Walnut Chest of Drawers

~48″wide x 36″high x 22 1/2″deep
~black walnut
~features protruding leg style (through top)
~integrated handmade walnut pulls
~maple drawers with concealed soft-close slides
~natural, clear polyurethane & Osmo Polyx Oil finish

Hallway Bench

~white pine
~40″long x 36″high x 18″deep
~features “square block” pattern with routed grooves
~interior storage under lift-up seat
~finished with light stain and Osmo Polyx Oil

Hallway Table

~white pine
~14″deep x 84″long
~finished with light stain and Osmo Polyx Oil
~drawers feature natural rock pulls (pyrite)

The Swerve Dining Set

~all solid black walnut
~small size table to fit  small condo space (table = 30″wide x 48″long)
~short-back style chairs
~all custom designed
~natural clear polyurethane finish

(to see more detail of individual pieces go to “Paul T. Furniture” page)

Custom Walnut Coffee Table

~solid black walnut
~simple, clean design – 18″ x 48″ x 15″high
~natural, clear polyurethane finish, hand-rubbed to satin sheen

Andrew’s Dresser

~a large one at 66″long x 46″high x 22″deep
~solid walnut, walnut veneer (side panels)
~features walnut  pulls / soft-close drawers on slides
~natural finish – clear polyurethane

Walnut King Bed

~solid black walnut
~designed with slat platform for one mattress (click on photo to see other view)
~design inspiration from Porada (Ziggy)
~natural, clear polyurethane finish

The Arbutus Bench

~live edge arbutus (all parts from one slab)
~sourced from Cowichan Valley-Vancouver Island
~featuring natural defects and sawmill marks
~natural, clear finish (polyurethane)

one end features large, hand-cut box joint / other end features “live edge” legs

Console / Storage Cabinet

~black cherry , walnut pulls
~43″long x 21″deep x 25″high
~one adjustable shelf inside
~natural, clear polyurethane finish

Custom Square Dining Table

~60″ x 60″ x 30″high /  1 3/4″ thick top
~solid black walnut
~features seating all around for 8- (can handle 12 in a pinch!)
~natural, clear hand-rubbed oil finish

Custom Dining Table (with curves)

~solid eastern hard maple
~simple, elegant style with tapered legs
~top has gentle “sweep-curve” shape
~custom stain color / top coated with lacquer

TV Console Cabinet

~rustic white pine
~features traditional butt hinges, and back ventilation in component section
~stained to match existing furniture / polyurethane top coats

Galiano Coffee Table

~western red cedar slab, sourced from managed forest on Galiano Island
~built as a custom request to honor the “Nakashima” style (Minguren design)
~natural, clear tung oil and urethane finish
~approx. 25″wide x 48″long

Sophie Bookcase

~black walnut – solid & veneer
~features “block motif” panels on sides
~4 small drawers on concealed slides
~natural, clear polyurethane finish

Custom Sideboard

~walnut – solid & veneer
~72″long x 30″tall x 17″deep
~doors feature 3-sided frame, with horizontal veneer panels
~custom wood pulls integrated into door edges
~ultra-clear, low sheen water-base polyurethane finish

“Cherry Bomb” Nightstands

~black cherry, curly cherry veneer, walnut pulls
~features book-matched “sap-line” veneered door panels
~natural, clear oil & polyurethane finish

“Chopped Wood” Coffee Table

~yellow poplar
~features axe-chopped random pieces & natural split lines
~stained & finished for outdoor location (polyurethane)

Custom Desk

~black walnut, with maple pulls / drawers
~soft-close drawers on concealed slides
~natural, clear polyurethane finish

“Four Square” Bedside Cabinet

~walnut – solid & veneer
~20″wide x 26″tall
~built to match “Four Square” side cabinet (Paul T. Furniture)
~soft-close concealed hardware (hinges & slide)
~natural, clear oil & polyurethane finish

Nanoose Dresser Cabinet

~western maple, figured maple, black walnut
~10 different sized drawers on soft-close slides
~features live edge ends on top
~natural, clear oil & polyurethane finish
~design by “The Sky is the Limit Design” (Ines Hanl)
Victoria BC

Nanoose Bedside Cabinets

~western maple, figured & wormy maple, black walnut
~soft-close drawers on concealed slides
~live edge feature on open ends
~natural, clear oil & polyurethane finish
~design by “The Sky is the Limit Design” (Ines Hanl) Victoria BC

Custom Sideboard

~solid black walnut & curly black walnut veneer
~features sequenced & book-matched veneer doors & panels
~touch open doors, with adjustable interior shelves
~natural, clear satin polyurethane finish

Custom Sideboard Cabinet

~solid Fijian mahogany, Cuban mahogany veneer, walnut pulls
~21″deep x 36″high x 96″long
~all adjustable shelving
~stained, and clear-coated with polyurethane

Console Table

~black walnut
~features 2 drawers & 2 tip-outs (for T.V. components)
~”block motif” on ends
~natural, clear polyurethane finish

“Block Motif” Bed

~black walnut
~features sapwood lines, bookmatches & natural grain
~natural, clear oil & polyurethane finish

“Block Motif” Bedside Cabinets

~black walnut
~natural, clear oil & polyurethane finish

“Block Motif” Low Dresser

~black walnut
~custom walnut pulls
~natural, clear oil & polyurethane finish

GT “Multi”Coffee Table

~quarter-sawn black walnut
~features 2 pop-up “t.v. tables” and lift-up storage area
~natural, clear polyurethane finish

Enzo Vintage Cafe Table

~black walnut
~features unique shape and leg placement
~26″wide x 59″long
~natural, clear polyurethane finish

Dining Table

~rustic quarter-sawn walnut, with sapwood lines
~40″wide x 82″long
~natural, clear polyurethane finish

8-Drawer High-Boy Dresser

~36″wide x 52″high x 22″deep ~features bookmatched wormy maple veneers ~eastern white maple, wormy curly maple, walnut pulls ~natural, clear oil & polyurethane finish

Custom night tables

~18″ x 18″ x 24″high
~eastern white maple, wormy curly maple, walnut pulls
~natural, clear oil & polyurethane finish

Custom Coffee Table / End Tables

~solid black walnut, clear glass
~end tables have drawers (click on image)
~natural, clear polyurethane finish

Dining Table

~solid black cherry (curly figure)
~features “floating” style top
~natural, clear polyurethane finish

Piano Coffee Table

~built using parts from salvaged piano
~features inlaid keyboard, piano wires, old logo, & hardware
~mahogany & walnut
~polyurethane finish to protect existing condition

Rain Forest Armoire

~douglas fir, with yellow cedar inlays & red cedar pulls
~49″wide x 86″tall
~serves as wardrobe / closet
~clear polyurethane finish
~custom ordered to match earlier “Rain Forest Cabinet” (see Paul T. Furniture)
(photo by Fahim Kassam)

Lorraine’s Cabinet

~rift-sawn red oak, walnut pulls
~stained to match existing furniture
~polyurethane finish

Custom Sideboard

~black cherry, black walnut (pulls)
~interior used as stereo / T.V. component storage
~open back for ventilation
~clear, hand-applied polyurethane finish

Writing Desk

~eastern maple, walnut. wormy maple
~natural, clear oil & polyurethane finish

Custom Sideboard

~curly western maple, wormy maple, freckled maple, cherry pulls
~features book-matched door / drawer panels
~low-sheen, clear lacquer finish

Bailey’s Book Table

~black cherry, walnut
~adapted from a traditional Arts & Crafts design
~natural, clear oil & polyurethane finish

Lodge Table & Benches

~douglas fir – large timber construction
~built for ski chalet
~natural, clear polyurethane finish

Custom Hall Table

~cherry, maple (drawer interior)
~small dovetailed “key” drawer
~natural, clear oil & polyurethane finish